Table Press
Type Block 
Category Tool 
Durability N/A
Stack Size 16
ID table_press
2014-12-29 22.33.48

Step One, get plank from Saw Bench

2014-12-29 22.34.16

Step Two, place it on the Table Press

2014-12-29 22.34.31

Step Three, sand the plank by right clicking and dragging across the plank

2014-12-29 22.35.17

Now you've got a smooth plank

2014-12-29 22.35.31

Step Four, left click to spread Linseed Oil onto the plank

After you have created planks using the Saw Bench, you have admittedly nice, but unfinished planks. Before you can use them for furniture, you have to refine them using the Table Press.

To place a plank on top, simply right click with an unrefined plank. Then, you'll go through two steps:

To refine, hold your left mouse button and move over the plank in the GUI. When everything is colored, the refinement will complete and the item transform into the next stage.


2014-12-29 22.41

You now have a Refined Plank

Table Press
Shaped No Image available
4 planks blocks, 1 iron ingot